Spirit Beckons

Where we are, Spirit is.

Author: Keith


Be transparent, let your Light shine.

A Wise Elder

Grow in the company of a wise elder.

Steep Path

When a steep path lies ahead,
with obscure and uneven steps,
slow down and feel the earth
firmly beneath your feet in every movement.

Wonderful Patterns

Only with wings spread
do we see wonderful patterns.


Fill every season of life to the fullest.


For some
home is the picket fence and hydrangea
in the back yard.
But for all of us,
home is ultimately with God in Spirit.


I’ve heard it said that it is the journey,
not the destination,
that is most important.
But when traveling with a group
it might be good to see
if someone knows where everyone is going.


The power of our machines
moves great loads up mountain sides.
The power of God’s Love moves the universe.

Spirit Beings

All life is assisted by Spirit beings.
The messages are usually subtle.
Listen carefully and most importantly,
focus a moment of awareness upon them.
Consider how you might alter
your day’s path in response.

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